YouTuber Grace Helbig


What Sarah McLachlan is to sad puppy commercials, Grace Helbig is to YouTube. Amassing more than two million YouTube subscribers, the web personality Grace Helbig is one of the most popular channels on the website to date. Titled DailyGrace, Helbig posted humorous and adorably real videos celebrating tomfoolery and life in general. Her very approachable and awkward style is understood immediately as every viewer feels a sense of themselves on the screen.

The DailyGrace channel was in a contract with a network called My Damn Channel. This contract came to a close with the coming year and Helbig choose to leave the partnership for more independence on one of her older channels itsgrace. Ironically enough, My Damn Channel owns her previous content according to their original agreement and will not release anything back to Helbig. Hence the move.


Rumors began circulating about the move ever since 2013 was nearing its end. Suspicions peaked when DailyGrace’s second to last original video was posted, starring her and her brother Tim Helbig. He referred to it as her last video, a line which My Damn Channel cut out after Grace had left. However, they failed to remove a sneaky drop from Helbig at 3:40 about her new channel. Fans were in an uproar, but within the next day Helbig calmed the masses with her final video as DailyGrace, reassuring a return to the internet by next week.

Helbig did not disappoint, immediately kicking off itsgrace with a promotional video and an introductory video the following week. While the beginnings of the channel show a familiarity that suggests Helbig never left, things are definitely changing. Videos were posted every weekday on DailyGrace, each following a theme with Misc Monday, Comment Tuesdays, Review Wednesday, How To Thursdays, and Sexy Fridays. Already itsgrace is following a new format, Helbig admitting to an undecided structure.


Despite not being allowed to advertise itsgrace on her old channel, subscribers have jumped to over half a million in under a month. In defiance to My Damn Channel, subscribers to DailyGrace have also been steadily dropping. With no official farewell and a hushed up exit, the move surprised many fans, but the general consensus seems to be supportive of Helbig and her decision to work with more freedom. More importantly, Helbig is a talented woman whose comedic touch adds a little fun into the daily lives of viewers, and this won’t change as long as she’s still posting videos.


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