Signs You Are an Adult

Most people claim to never have grown up. I am one of these people. But, there are definitely certain things which bring you closer to adulthood. Making a list about them on your blog does not qualify.

One: Even by accident, wearing matching underwear for the first time is exciting. It doesn’t matter if it’s rainbows or Justin Bieber, if the bra and the panties vaguely look like they could have been bought as a set, you are one step closer to being an adult.

Two: I consider it an accomplishment when you’re old enough for your doctor to take you seriously when you tell him or her that you are not doing drugs. I’m still waiting on this one.

Three: Small talk is an art to be mastered. Especially when your best friend is making faces behind the person you are talking to. Holding back those laughs takes work, people.

Four: I feel like you cannot be an adult if you are mandated to do physical activity. For those of you who are still required to take gym in college, you are not old yet.

Five: You can’t be an adult and like snow. It’s a trend that I’ve noticed where those of you who obtain cars and use them regularly become instant grouches about the wintertime. If you don’t drive you are obviously exempt from this one.

Six: The elder generation loves to complain about their body’s aches and pain.  Unfortunately, there is no end to the holiday gatherings where my relatives have actually been competing against one another to see who is organically breaking down the fastest. I’m still in college and I’ve found myself starting to do this.

Seven: As you get closer to being an adult, the ratio between the amount of stuffed animals you have and the amount of boring pens you own shifts dramatically. I cannot stress this one enough. Actually, this should pretty much be the determining factor for adulthood. I rest my case.



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