An Analysis Of Money, Love, And Sex In Music

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What if you could see, in one second, how often a certain word or phrase was used in the most popular songs of the past decades? Guess no longer. Each graph below shows how often certain words have been used for each of the most popular songs since 1960.
The horizontal axis is the year of the song and the y-axis is the song’s popularity according to Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles. Each cell represents a song. The more red a song is, the more often that particular word appears appears in the song. For example, if a song has 5 “love” words and a total of 100 words in the entire song, that song is assigned 5% and a particular shade of color. [tc-mark]

1. Baby

Baby  image - Nickolay Lamm Baby
image – Nickolay Lamm

2. Body

Body image - Nickolay Lamm Body
image – Nickolay Lamm

3. Boys

Boys image - Nickolay Lamm Boys
image – Nickolay Lamm

4. Curse Words

Foul image - Nickolay Lamm Foul

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