An Analysis Of Money, Love, And Sex In Music

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What if you could see, in one second, how often a certain word or phrase was used in the most popular songs of the past decades? Guess no longer. Each graph below shows how often certain words have been used for each of the most popular songs since 1960.
The horizontal axis is the year of the song and the y-axis is the song’s popularity according to Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles. Each cell represents a song. The more red a song is, the more often that particular word appears appears in the song. For example, if a song has 5 “love” words and a total of 100 words in the entire song, that song is assigned 5% and a particular shade of color. [tc-mark]

1. Baby

Baby  image - Nickolay Lamm Baby
image – Nickolay Lamm

2. Body

Body image - Nickolay Lamm Body
image – Nickolay Lamm

3. Boys

Boys image - Nickolay Lamm Boys
image – Nickolay Lamm

4. Curse Words

Foul image - Nickolay Lamm Foul

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56 Quick Slang Phrases From Victorian England That We Should Start Using Again

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Snapshots of The PastSnapshots of The Past

Hey, I got a question for you: Ever established a funk while narking the titter? How about shake a flannin—ever do that after too many tiddle-a-winks? I bet you don’t even umble-cum-stumble me. So typical. Oh, and let’s bring these phrases back.

1. Afternoonified – smart, for society people.

2. Arfarfan’arf – what we’d call a drunk man.

3. “Bags o’ mystery” – sausages (naturally).

4. Bootlicker – ass-licker.

5. “Bow bow mutton” – very bad meat, so much so that “it might be dog flesh.” i.e. a McDonald’s hamburger.

6. “Butter upon bacon” – extravagance, luxury.

7. Chuckaboo – your BFF.

8. Collie Shangles – squabbles or quarrels.

9. “Doing the bear” – flirting with someone via hugging, or how a dude with little game might court a woman.

10. “Don’t sell me a dog!” – “Don’t lie to me!”

Library and Archives Canada / Bibliothèque et Archives Canada Library and Archives Canada / Bibliothèque…

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35 Hysterical Times Children Revealed Their Parents’ Personal Lives To Other People

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In another edition of children saying ridiculous things, children seem to absorb things around them and say them at the most inopportune times. Bless them. If you’d like to read more accounts like this, check out the Reddit thread here. Also, I’m just going to homeschool my kids. Probably.

1. treecumber

I’m not a teacher but my Uncle made short videos about sexual harassment for his work, being that its about sexual harassment my cousin who was 6 at the time was not allowed to watch, and my Uncle told him that they were movies for grown ups. So when my cousin is in 1st grade his teacher asked him what his father did for a living and he replied “My dad makes Adult Movies”.

2. 55thParallel

I had a kid ask me if it was normal for adults to wrestle every night before going to bed.

I wanted to wrestle with my mom and dad, but they told me to get out from under the covers! image - Flickr / apdk I…

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9-Year-Old Explains Love, Death, Politics, And God Better Than Any Adult

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I was recently babysitting my friend’s 9-year-old daughter and everything she said was brilliant, so I decided to interview her. Notes in italics are mine.

How do you know when you’re in love?

When you always want to stand next to someone no matter what you’re doing. And you’re really nice to each other.

What happens when you die?

Everyone you know is sad and then you get buried and animals eat you. (Her eyes when she said the last part froze my soul.)

Why do they eat you?!

Because they have to eat something! They can’t, like, go to the store. You’re just laying there and they didn’t know you so it’s not sad to them. They’re just like “Whatever, I’m gonna eat you now.” (She is creepily delighted about this.)

Do you go to heaven?

My mom said that, but my friend told…

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